"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."
~~Muhammad Ali~~
Lawrence Preservation Alliance
Building Relocation
In 2008, Nineteenth Century Restorations gave Dennis Brown one of the garages a client wanted us to tear-down, in an attempt to keep a perfectly good turn-of-the-century garage out of the landfill. Mr. Brown hired us to move the garage onto a new foundation on his property from the only location it had ever known, a block away. The week prior to the big move day, Dennis showed up at my house virtually in tears, stating that he and Mike Goans, an ex Black and Veatch Engineer, had measured the route and that the move was absolutely impossible. In their opinion there was no way to maneuver it onto its new foundation, which was already in. Of course I was blown away, knowing good and well what I could accomplish. So I told Dennis to be ready on Sunday Morning, the foundation was built, the permits were in hand, the utility companies were scheduled to drop wires, there was no turning back. Within two-and-a-half hours of pulling away from its original foundation, it was resting in its new location with absolutely no damage to property, not one limb cut, not one tire track, and absolutely no demolition to the garage. Apparently an engineering degree isn't as valuable as I was led to believe. I love suceeding when told something I know I can do is impossible.